Apex Voice Communications And Materna Expand Product Cooperation


Anny Way Fixed Line SMS Center Integrated with OmmniVox3D(R) Application Server
3GSM WORLD CONGRESS, BARCELONA, SPAIN, February 12, 2007 – APEX Voice Communications, a worldwide supplier of (SIP) Application Servers and Multi-Service Platforms, today announced that it has expanded its product cooperation agreement with MATERNA Information & Communications, a leading provider of mobile solutions and services based in Germany. The expanded product cooperation now includes the integration of MATERNAs Anny Way Fixed Line SMS Center (F-SMSC) with APEX’s OmniVox3D Application Server. The agreement is a natural progression in the relationship between APEX and MATERNA, who already have joint installations in Europe and are delivering the first joint Latin American installation in the first Quarter of 2007.
The worldwide agreement increases OmniVox3D’s existing wireless functionalities, specifically in the area of Fixed Line SMS Center (F- SMSC). The Anny Way FSMSC integration with OmniVox3D includes the Anny Way FSMSC browser interface in OmniView(R), OmniVox3D’s OAM&P interface. With this integration, customers can now manage both OmniVox3D enhanced services and Anny Way SMS services from a single point. Additionally, the APEX Prepaid System can now offer Prepaid SMS and SMS integration for revenue-generating enhanced services and value-added IP multimedia services.

“The combined offer of MATERNA and APEX gives us a unique market position”, said Gerion Wolff, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing for MATERNA. “We are confident that through our partnership with APEX, we will also achieve a worldwide market leadership in the field of fixed net SMS. The bundling strategy will allow customers to further increase their efficiency and widen their service portfolio.”
SMS, one of the most successful mobile telephone services, is no longer only available exclusively for cellular customers. With MATERNAs Anny Way F-SMSC, fixed network operators can also make it possible for their customers to send/receive SMSs via fixed mobile telephones, increasing Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). Anny Way F-SMSC is compatible with all common SMS-capable terminals and also offers gateway services, making it possible to convert SMS texts to E-mails, faxes or voice messages. Additionally, MATERNA provides SMS-based messaging and content services (e.g. individual ring tones) which can be requested via and for the fixed network telephone.
“Expanding our product cooperation with MATERNA allows us to continue growing our OmniVox3D Application Server into serving a broader range of service providers,” said Kent Winter, Vice President of Sales for EMEAA for APEX Voice Communications. “Also, by integrating OmniVox3D with MATERNA’s Anny Way F-SMSC, we have a best-of-breed wireless product offering that will benefit our customers worldwide.”
Buit around web technologies, including, the OmniVox3D Application Server is the ideal platform for Designing, Developing and Deploying high-density/mass calling services, including unified messaging, real- time billing, IVR and conferencing. Its robust service execution environment along with its modular design and (optional) fault-tolerant configuration, allow it to easily integrate into Next Generation, PSTN or wireless intelligent networks as a core element. Either a standalone server or distributed across multiple platforms, OmniVox3D’s open architecture allows it to seamlessly integrate with third-party components such softswitches, media servers, media gateways and SIP proxy servers that are IMS, MSCML, MSML/MOML or VXML compliant.
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