Voxy, VoiceXML Integration For Asterisk


Voxy – the only way to integrate VoiceXML applications in Asterisk. Configure your dial plan with the URL of your VoiceXML application and it’s done. The architecture of Voxy is very simple, basically it will be an EAGI script that connect to the voice application and get VoiceXML in return. It will then translate it in AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) commands and send those to Asterisk.
To read the VoiceXML, Voxy will use its own VoiceXML Browser helped with Xerces (XML parsing) and Curl (download of prompts). The Eagi class will take care of issuing the AGI commands and received information from Asterisk. Voxy class is the main class that will be in fact the EAGI script. Voxy project is open source released under GPL license.
Download Voxy 1.0 Source from sourceforge.