VoiceXML PHP Framework : Introducing Audiotel application and minilogin module

Audiotel application is a new VoiceXML application that have been added to
introduce the minilogin VoiceXML module. The idea of the application is simple :
A user call the service to subscribe or unsubscribe from a service. The user
enter a service code number, if the service is available he will enter his
mobile number and he’ll be registred in the database.

This could be used as registration service for example : users register to
receive SMS information about a topic in their mobile.

To unsubscribe the user can call the service then enter his mobile number and
the service to unsubscribe from.

You’ll notice also in this application that minilogin is used with in
parellel with the login module. While the login module is used here as a menu to
choose the service to subscribe or unsubscribe from.

Usage of the MiniLogin module :

 $this->app->load("minilogin",array(prompt message,digits,next form));

  • Prompt message : The prompt message
  • Digits : number of digits
  • Next form : next form or vxml page to submit form

Hope this will help to have a better idea about functonnalities of the
VoiceXML modules and the way they were conceived.

Download PHP VoiceXML Framework V2.0.0 beta2 + Documentation

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