VoiceXML PHP framework Beta 2.0 available


I’m glad to announce the first beta 1.0 of the VoiceXML PHP framework. As I have already announced this release will focus more on VoiceXML application development with PHP. I have almost rewritten all voicexml modules except the naviguator.

Another major change is the license, VoiceXML PHP framework will be available under GPL license and not PHP license as I have announced before. I believe that the GPL license fit more with my vision for this project.

VoiceXML application are written in app/ folder, I have added two examples home (default) and auth applications. To load a specific application you can just point to index.php/home/, index.php/auth/ or index.php/appname/ where the appname is your application name.

The auth Voicexml application is using the login plugin, to test it just configure your database settings in config.php, and use the dump file in sql/ folder. You can create sample users from phpmyadmin to test the script.

Changes in version beta 2.0

  • Changed the name of the main class to VoiceXML
  • Added a new framework
  • New modules for record and transfer

Everyone is invited to test this new beta.

Download VoiceXML PHP framework